Tuesday, September 18, 2007

LIE....the eternal Truth

Hey….have you ever thought how many LIE you are telling in a day? May be Yes, may be No. Let’s think about a situation….you asked me my name….I told my name is GOD. When your friend asks you, “Who he is?” you replied, GOD. But I am not actually. I have lied. As per you, you have told the truth but in absolute value it’s a lie. Isn’t it funny? May be, may not be. 

What is Truth? What is Lie? Are we mature enough to define it? May be Yes, may be No. Before Galileo all thought earth is constant and Sun is revolving....All our Epics are also followed the same.... many crores of people died with that fact (LIE) thinking that as the absolute truth (Lie).....but in one day all changed. People started believing and joked on them on their ignorance. But this did not last long. Scientist of 20th century proved that Sun is also moving like Earth, not constant. Now we are laughing on your grand parents and great grand parents. What a fun? Who knows when the so called truth for us will be a reason for laugh for our next generation? Now you tell which is true....the belief of truth or the truth itself?

I believe LIE is the ultimate and absolute truth in the universe. See Truth is changing with time but LIE, with the change of time it is caring, loving and accepting the yesterday’s truth into its lap. Curdling and telling, dear truth, don’t worry, let the whole universe hate you and make joke on you as you became a LIE today, but I am yours, always yours, I knew you will come one day to me. Believe me I will not let you out to the world of TRUTH which has no meaning, no heart but a language…….

Truth or Lie is just an interpretation of language. Have you ever heard an animal lying? A tree or a mountain? No, they are not as they don’t have any language. If language is not there then there is no truth no Lie....Truth or Lie is just to categorize the state of mind of people.....We are too complex and consciously unlearn how to communicate through heart and learned thousands of language and countless LIE. Who thinks by his/her heart, your so called truth or lie is helpless to find their own meaning at them. Animals think and do by heart....they have no importance for truth or Lie............Wish I were an animal.
Hey, are you getting bored or confused after reading this? I hope so and you should be as I love to bore people with this kind of LIE, the eternal truth.
LIE…..Ever, Truth….Never


Anonymous said...

Nice to read. But don't you think you are going against the so called legacy of TRUTH and LIE ?

Keep it up

Anonymous said...

Very deep thought Sakti, thanks for sharing…. No where I see to disagree the your points.