Sunday, July 4, 2010

Will you marry me ?

Will you marry me ?

I know you don't love me. But I believe some day you will. I don't have to say the least, I will wait for the day to come. But for now will you give my love to have your faith ? I believe, my share of love is enough for two of us to live on. I know this sounds weird but I don't know how better I can confess. I will love you in sun and moon, in summer and winter. Will you marry me ?

I will prepare the bed to see you flow like a river, I will be the tiny light when start your endeavor in dark, I will arrange your lips to the best when you wish to smile, I will make it sure turns to be a pearl if you drop a tear by mistake. Will you marry me ?

I remember the day when you replied loving the God and the guest are the same thing and you love me like that. But from that day I wanted to say, "I am not God or anyone so good, I am a very ordinary person. Can't you love me as an ordinary person?" But till date I could not ask my courage to speak my heart out. I know you can read the heart. Please read my heart which says, will you marry me?


Julie said...

u wont love me in rains?? monkey?? :P

gud1 :) keep postin..

smaranika priyadarshini said...

So romantic..

smaranika priyadarshini said...

Feeling like reading it again & again..

bandita bahubalendra said...

You should...bcoz its for you only my dear ��