Thursday, August 5, 2010

That was not the end

I asked her, "When you are coming?" "Whenever you will call", she replied without a pause. I got a mountain of hope, collected all my scattered courage and asked, " If I ask you to come now?"

"I will come, but not with you, we both have different path to follow."

"We started from the same point, destined for the same finish, but leading different path. Do you believe in the difference between us by virtue of difference in lead? I am untouchable; do you hate me for that?" I tried but could not speak more. When result is meant to be a failure with the best attempt, words starts loosing interest in making a meaning.

She got hurt, so as I. She looked at me with eyes full of tears. Moved her hands on cheek to wipe it out and said, "I have accepted you as a friend, as centre of all my actions. Before you whoever made impact in my life are all like God and worth praying at. You have taken all my love, happiness, smiles, tears, fears and completeness, how come hate will have a place in between?"

"Then why don’t you come with me? We will roam and spread the message of life."

"I have to wait."

"For whom?"
"You know that better."

"How much?"

She did not reply. Looked at the surfy tides. How can one count the tides? How can one be definite about wait? I was gathering all my courage to tell her how much I love her...but could not, as always. She had started making various shapes wit her toe on the sea beach. I tried to read that language and surprised to see my thought getting shape on sands.

That moment came. Train was at platform no 3. She was standing beside me looking at the train. I was praying in my heart, "Goodbye dear, be happy always. I wished to stay with you till the end as a friend. You might have thought the same. But......there is always a 'but' that still is successful in maintaining the distance between us. Hope we will meet again."

She might be thinking the same. Where thought connects two people, what is the need of making a sound.

An unknown pain was whirling in both the hearts. "Is this the last?" I was constantly pierced with the thought, and she might be too.

How I will tell that the days with her are the best of lifetime. But have to say something, silence is unbearable. The heartless last bell was already rung. It was not as usual. I spoke somehow, "I know this moment is painful, but this is not the last, I will come."

"Thanks for the assurance. Wish you a very happy journey of life." Drops of tears just were searching for a hint to roll on from her eyes.

For few moments we stood still facing each other. Where heart is not getting right way to console, what mere language will do. I hold her hand. It was trembling and the vibration transmitted to my heart. A long waiting tear made its way on her cheek. She took her hand and turned herself to the other side. I entered the compartment.

She turned back as the train started to move. She came near. I gathered my courage for the last time and told, "I love you, and you covered my body, mind and soul. There is no end to it."

She held my hand...the train did not stop and she started walking with the train. I was thinking to get down but did not. I released my hand and she stayed there crying, waving her hand and wishing to see me soon.



bandita bahubalendra said...

So heart touching ....where thoughts connect two people,what is the need of making a sound....