Sunday, July 18, 2010

He taught me what Life is about

I always wanted to be the master of my own fate, my own life. But life always surprises me with challenges to take on. I started believing that taking all the challenges head on is being the master of life. I raced against all odds to win the challenge, the race of life.

I ran well. When I run, no one overtakes at my right, and I never allow anyone to cross at left. After running many races of life, when I looked back I found me all alone running in a desert. No sun to ask for east in the day, no morning star to follow at night. Just alone...running without end.

When I got to know that I am trapped by the illusion of life, I was already in the middle. When I started to know I was not successful, I had already topped in being failed at. But the beauty of failure is, it wont create an ego of being the most successful is still polite, still allows you to go on a date with success. So who would be better than failure itself to teach you what life is ? I asked my age old failure, whom I ignore for a life time. He is still polite and genuine to tell me what life is.

He smiled, asked my tears to rolled back. Kept his familiar hand on my shoulder and told me to feel free to be free. Asked me to smile at my fake old smile. Pat on my back to speak the truth. Gave me a rose to love the love of life. Strengthen my shoulder to cry on and on. Armed my weapons to fight with myself. I felt a bit relaxed. Then he smiled a genial smile which too copied at my lips, and showed me a magical answer to the question which I had started asking before knowing what to ask.

he cleared his throat but don't know why I felt it east to breathe in. He started, "Life is all about understanding how you think about it. And being the master is to understand how people do think. If you know how people think, then you can control what they think. If you know what they think, you can control their thought process. If you can control how people have to think, you can control how they see it. And that matters !!!"

So, do you wanna be the master ??? I nodded my head with a shy smile at extra to thanks failure for telling me what life is.