Thursday, January 21, 2010


I always had an intuition that I am good at putting words in a proper place to give any topic a meaning. That intuition always puts me on the keyboard to type any messy article. Same thing I did yesterday by writing one and thought it as a master piece of my work. Hoping to get praise like, ‘what an article!’ I usually send all my articles to my friends to review. I did no exception but one by sending that to a kid to read and comment.
Today morning I opened my mail in a hope to get few comments. To my utter surprise I got the first one from the kid. It was not like that of a comment. It was like a box full of crackers to put me on fire. The kid says, What you want to say with your words, why you written those things are difficult to understand for me. I don’t know why people think out of box.....Sometimes they don’t even know what is their inside the box. Though I tried to read and understand the words what you wrote, but my brain does not grasp a single concept. I don’t want you to write again such words.....I am busy....I wont read again if it is not interesting.....I am not getting any benefits from this post....Its not simple...Everyone reads some piece of work to get some information or knowledge or happiness from the reading. In all such aspects I did gain nothing. Life is simple....don’t try to make it complicated”.
I stopped thinking for a moment or two. It’s like the same feeling, which I got last month, when I was holding my one month old niece in my hand and kissing her forehead and she suddenly raised her hands up to my cheek, like a gesture of slapping. I told my mother to see that she is slapping. My mother kissed her forehead and told with love, ‘slap more’. I saw my mother with a question in my eye. She told, “Babies are the form of living Gods, if they are slapping you means you are loosing your sins, it’s the way of getting away from the mistakes of the life”. She was looking like a philosopher. I was mute. Smiled and kissed my niece’s forehead once again in a wish to get slapped once more and more to get away from sins. It was funny and foolish, but I did.
I took the paper in which I wrote the article of yesterday. Read it again as a stranger. I could find some complicated words which I searched and copied from synonyms dictionary. I found some unfinished lines, some biased feelings, some un-open and unnecessary questions and a blunt end. I did not even think twice to tore it to the smallest piece possible and threw it to the dustbin. Oh! What a relief. I am feeling like relaxed. Don’t you think, dustbin is nothing but a caretaker of all wrong did, isn’t it? Won’t it be good if we have one ‘egobin’ to throw our false ego and be relaxed? I went inside the room where I have kept the Ganesh idol. I closed my eyes, joined my hands and spoke from my heart, ‘take my egos’. I felt like being slapped again.


bandita bahubalendra said...

Splendid and smooth...innocent like a kids act...