Sunday, May 30, 2010

Devil vs. Kid: Change

Devil vs. Kid: Change, is a part of the series, Devil vs. Kid which discusses about various topics such as, Self Identification, Life, Fear, Hell and Heaven, Change and Stars etc. Please read the introduction first, before moving further.


Kid: I want to control the it possible to change along with the change?
Devil: It’s inevitable.....whether you want or not you will change.....because when the vehicle of "CHANGE" is on the way it will automatically take the "PASSERBY" into its lap....there is no escape.....It is the mind which remains stationary in the past place and takes some time to think.....I have moved....that’s why sometimes confusion comes that some people are not able to cope with change....But the reality is their physical being and mental status is not at the same pace with the change.

Kid: Who run the change of vehicle?
Devil: Time is at the driver’s seat individuals are the passengers...You want or not you have to move on.

Kid: What about the person who never believes in time......
Devil: Its not that you believe or not....time does not depend on individual belief....if you don’t believe that heart pumps the blood....nothing will will not let you die for this, it will still pump. It’s on you, how soon u believe, U will be Happy.
Kid: Change is for those people who want to see the bright color in my life, sometimes its quite easy for me to identify the hidden bright color but its quite difficult when somebody’s want me to show that color.......situation demand changes....changes seems to be sad and gloomy
Devil: I want U to be the one who drives the change....not the situation.

Kid: Already a driver, will never accept the unwanted things easily, the role which u are playing in my life is unknown, no  name, but it makes me quite organized, I like the changes which you brought in my life changes in terms of organizing my thought ideas and dreams…  ooops
"A cunning change stand in front of me, expect me to react......But when I act....I did not react...I just make the change to smile"
Devil: wow!!!   Smiling at the change means "U accept the change to happen without changing UR values and rules"....changes feels shame and tell ....I am just a driver....U drive as U like.

Kid: I like my curious mind to drive a new bright idea while handling a change.......but here the case is not for one Benjamin* every mode I found a new Benjamin...Here Benjamin does not represent a motion picture character...its a curious case of challenges in my life
Devil: Then You should be proud of that God is giving you challenge every moment to test you in fire.....Like Gold glitters more in fire, you will shine...God gives load to the person with strong backbone.....Challenges are the expression of LOVE from God to the people he loves the most and thinks capable of...
*Benjamin refers to the character of the movie ‘The curious case of Benjamin Button”

Kid:  What is the difference between challenges and opportunities   ? Is there any relation between two?   If Yes then why?
Devil: Opportunities always come with the price of a determination to accept the challenge....  You will have an opportunity if and only if you accept the challenge.

Kid: What is the need of accepting or rejecting? If we will do those then again we are doing business, isn’t it?
Devil: Sometimes we accept our own mistake....own well-being and ill-being....own this we have to accept without thinking that its coming from you ever think that your mistakes are done by someone else....if no...Then you are accepting your own that you have to accept others thinking that it’s not coming from outside...accept others like you accept yours.

Kid: Give an Example?
Devil: Love means accepting without any U accept your own self……love is something where there is no need to understand the language of mind.........Necessary sometimes.....not necessary most of the Love U have to accept the NO.

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