Sunday, May 30, 2010

Devil vs. Kid: Hell and Heaven

Devil vs. Kid: Hell and Heaven, is a part of the series, Devil vs. Kid which discusses about various topics such as, Self Identification, Life, Fear, Hell and Heaven, Change and Stars etc. Please read the introduction first, before moving further.


Kid: Let me hold my angel hands
Devil: God gets strength from their people’s belief......angel gets the wings when Kids hold her hands...

Kid: Let me hold the person who is sending these beautiful words….   am I?
Devil:  It’s the privilege that with mere words....a sweet Kid holds a Devil.

Kid: who knows Devil is the other form of angel
Devil: How do I’s the people who believe on angels?

Kid: Earlier I used to believe on angels only, now looking forward to keep a faith upon Devil also,   what to say?
Devil: "A belief on angels is gr8, let me be in hell...let me believe a Devil...let me see.... let me believe on my belief ....let me show that a Devil is an angel in its own way"

Kid:  What is the difference between hell and heaven,   right now are u in hell or heaven?   Is u an angel or a Devil   ?
Devil: Both are opposite side of a coin.....if your belief matches with someone else and u both want to stay together ....then its heaven.....if both are staying together and praying to escape....its hell.

Kid: let me forget that a Devil is an angel in its own way....let me believe that a Devil is already an angel in my own way....let me stand in a position where I can hold Devil in one hand and angel in other....let me feel the two opposite side of a coin.
Devil: its difficult to feel both at a time......if you hold angel in one hand then whatever u r going to hold with the other will be and angel too...and vice versa.....But for an innocence Kid like u ......its possible.....its most likely that the Devil will voluntarily cover its face and prays the almighty to remove the Devilish if not be an angel…are u thinking whether Kids are innocent or not?

Kid: people think that Kids are innocent but real fact is that Kids are the most matured flower in the world, as soft as the petals of flower which can always hold the thorns which is quite matured.
Devil: Sun does not require an approval to be Sun, God does not ask the people to pray to him to bless them.......its immaterial whether someone approves that Kids are innocent.

Innocence come from maturity......when someone is very intelligent and knows the reason why he or she is on the earth.....then she or he becomes innocent.....but Childs are born innocent....they don’t require all the intelligence to know the reasons.......that’s why they are called as the little forms of living Gods.

My Kid is the most intuitive one I have ever can be so generous and sweet if he or she knows all the reasons for the happenings or all the answers for the unasked questions......but my Kid is born like that.....which in otherwise stands as an example that without all the intelligence, reasoning, answers how someone can be innocent.

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