Sunday, May 30, 2010

Devil vs. Kid: Introduction

Have you ever seen a Kid smiling and running behind a butterfly? You must be. But is it possible to feel the same enthusiasm of a Kid in this Devilish world? For a very few, it’s YES, For a Few it’s DIFFICULT, for many the answer is NO and for Devils like me, it’s IMPOSSIBLE.

But God is always with a shower of wonders to make you believe on destiny. So as a Devil like me met with a ‘Kid’ who is nothing but a sweet chatterbox, a bundle of joy, a box full of questions, a heart overflowing with enthusiasm and a face glowing with joy of happiness, an act of mischief to disturb my nonsense thought, an unwanted intruder when I want to hide my tears, a child who never says its enough, who never let me believe that I am a ‘Devil’ but an answering machine named “Happy”. It’s for hers, a ‘Devil’ like me came across a “Happy” within.

I always feel that ‘language’ is the word which tells..... “I am here, you stupid heart bearing creatures, without me what is the use of your creativity and intelligence, its for the sake of me (language) only you are able to project yourself as you are”. It made me believe that there is nothing like “feeling” without the “language” to make it feel. But it’s the Kid who made me to answer the stupid language of heart.

Let’s leave the ‘language’ to be an ornament of the dictionary, but not the jewel of heart, let’s close our eyes to lock the ‘language’ of eyes to spread, let’s shut out mouth to arrest the sound to murmur, let’s leave the heart to be on its own. Let’s be free. Then only it is possible for a Devil to answer the innocent questions of a Kid.

The Kid always asks the Devil a hell lots of questions to answer (no option for ‘I can’t answer’….the Kid wont leave) on variety of topics. Everyday is a new day for the ‘Kid’ and a challenge for the ‘Devil’ to be as devilish as it can be. The different sections in the conversation denote the different sets of questions asked by the ‘Kid’ in different days.  Following are few conversations, in my view, worth mentioning. 


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About the Kid: The 'Kid' who made me write all this mess, was my ex-collegue, but she was surprisingly with a heart and mind of a kid in a grown up physique. I know that  kid; did I say the best kid? She often comes to my desk when I am away and searches for her diary milk in my drawer and waits for none to run. She has a frontal lobe with multi barrel question-gun to shoot at anything possible under the sunlight, moon light too. The one thing she does not question is when I hand her over a piece of my writing. She keeps her gun for a rest and giggles like a lily swinging on water and asks, ‘when I ll be a writer?’

Have a happy reading and please do post comments.