Friday, January 1, 2010

A Knife's Love Story

See the knife, how it is standing still without a tilt, like a saint in yoga position, by putting half of its shiny part inside a human body. It must be made up of steel else how can someone so cool, so calm after taking bath in a pool of blood. Its not listening the warm breathing of the spectators around the body...not listening the crying of  a  lady who was said to be the wife...not considering the curses of  an old lady who said to be the mother...not caring the scanning eyes of the policemen around the body. How can a piece of steel be so patient, so calm, so cheerful like a  lover looks like after beholding his beloved.

It’s divine. Yes it’s nothing but divine and eternal.

The relation between a knife and a dead body is always at the zenith of any relationship. Like a great critic and well wisher, the knife penetrates and concentrates inside the body. I hope the knife is searching the heart through a one inch crack in the stomach. May be the search is over; else why the knife is so still…so cool with red blood at both sides of itself.

The knife knows, the world is not real, it’s a mirage and all have to search for the spirit, the divine almighty. It’s impossible for his beloved man to search for the almighty till the time it is bonded with earthy love…a mere matrix. It always wants to free the man from the bond. There is no better way to make the man free than to forcibly enter through stomach to the hart and tell the heart…I love you, will you die to live with the almighty?

The heart cries and tells my dear knife, how I can repay your greatness, you accepted to live with the scoundrels and the killers without any objection just to reach me and make me free from all this bondage. The knife smiles and guides its tip to get more into the body. The knife forgets its pain during its stay with the killer, the way the killer shows the naked knife to his friends like a prostitute, the way the killer allows his friends to use the knife, the pain of to be used as a mere cutter for vegetables and the pain of some other and next. The heart sees the knife from very near, feels the cold, gets the warmth, forgets itself and pumps blood vigorously from mouth with joy to show its happiness. And the knife shines with joy and put a victory vermilion of blood on its body of steel, a symbol of divine love and sage like dedication to make the body a dead body.

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Pulak said...

so who is the person getting this bliss

satish said...

What an imagination.. what a logic... what a story.. great.. really great.. keep it up..