About Me

I am Saktishree aka Devil aka Liar…

But what is Truth about? What is Lie? I am not mature enough to define it? I had read in my school days about the great Galileo to prove Earth is revolving around the Sun and discarded the old belief of the reverse. But all our great sacred epics had already been written by that time….no one to correct the mistake. Many crores of people had already died with that fact (LIE) thinking that as the absolute truth (Lie)…..but in one day all changed.Strange, isn’t it ?

What a fun? Who knows when the so called truth for us will be a reason for laugh for our next generation? Now you tell which is true….the belief of truth or the truth itself? Confused. So do I.

I believe LIE is the ultimate and absolute truth in the universe. See Truth is changing with time but LIE, with the change of time it is caring, loving and accepting the yesterdays truth into its lap. Curdling and telling, dear truth, dont worry, let the whole universe hate you and make joke on you as you became a LIE today, but I am yours, always yours, I knew you will come one day to me. Believe me I will not let you out to the world of TRUTH which has no meaning, no heart but a language full of worthless alphabets.

May the Lie love the Truth Forever?

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