Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dear dream, this is all for today

A deity of eternity, neither past, nor present or future, she is time. She steps towards west but still bears the age old tradition in heart. She is a flowing spring, a blue fountain, flows from eternity to infinity.

She left, but I see her in me. Time and distance lost their meaning at her. From her I learn how beautiful a heart can be, how complete an incomplete dream can be. I learnt the power of innocent helplessness, felt the toughness of tender heart.

When I was collecting my messy life thoughts, I met her like an self answered question mark. I got answer to all the questions of life. Then onwards, till now, I am only answering the life with an open heart.

Who gave me all the power ? She ? Her selfless dreams or her God ? I think all are interrelated. So when I think about her, I look at God and when I pray, she comes automatically.

Dear dream, this is all for today.