Friday, January 22, 2010

I'll Convince my Heart

It’s nearly impossible for me to write it down the moments that we’ve shared. You walked into my life, and made the deepest mark. Why you came, I don’t know, but why you are going, I want to erase the answer. When you are here, I have the world with me,
It is heaven; I wish it could be eternity.

We walked side by side, hand in hand, under the moonlight. The slightest touch of your hand, your presence was like worth than a life time. Have you ever felt like that? I know you won’t answer this. And I always loved to ask you the question and prayed before God not to get the answer.

It’s like diving in the deep sea to remember the first kiss, the trembling eye lids, the closed eyes, the reddish cheek and the heavenly touch. You remember when I asked, “why you are closing eyes while kissing?” You replied straight looking at my eyes, “Do you think Kiss is merely a brush of lips?” Knowing the answer as “No”, I replied “Yes”. You smiled and told, “Idiot”. The warmth that you give me makes me feel so secure, I will be with you in pain; I will be with you in cure! Please don’t go. I want to be the same idiot.

That day is coming. You will hold my hand and will tell, leave me. How can I? How do you expect a human to leave its spirit? I believe some can do, but I don’t want to be great. I want to lie to see you smile, I want to be late to see you angry, I want to lose to see you win, I want to cry to get a hug, I want to hug to feel your warmth, and I want to kiss to be in heaven, I want to live to see you around. Don’t you want all? I know you have to go, but you’ll stay by my side, you told me not to cry, but, keep a positive heart, “Because all good things don’t stay together, but often stay apart.”

The day is finally here, when you leave me all alone. If I have done anything good to bargain for you to stay, please stay. If I had to give you something, that would remind you of me, I’d give you a house full of memories.

Its time for us to part, you’ll be at the other end of the world. My heart bleeds to see you going. I will wait for you with bated breath. I will lead my life, sometimes I’ll cry in a dark corner, I’ll smile at a flashback. I’ll see new dreams, I’ll run new races, but I’ll always love the emptiness. I will miss you, but don’t worry I will convince my heart.


Anonymous said...

small story, but big impact..............and bring back to your our old days when sometime u lost ur love............

keep it up sakti..........

santosh said...

its a gr8 thought or story with simple word and make u think for some time for someone whom u loved.