Friday, July 30, 2010

God too learns

The moment came without caring all my prayers to make it a bit late. Mom never comes to say good bye to anyone. She decided to stay at home. I went to my mom's room. Touched her feet. She cared my hair with all the love and wiped her tears. "Why are you crying mom, I will come every alternate month" I told the line knowing its next to impossible for me to make a ferry every alternate month from such a long distance. I consoled her or myself I don't know. My mom was never a philosopher, nor an oracle, but she had seen what I was going to do. She saw in my eyes and told, "Son, Lord Krishna could not help Dwaraka being destroyed by the tides of Arabian sea, because he did not keep his promise of going back to his birthplace Mathura and Brindaban. Both the places are there till today but see the fate of Dwaraka, handmade city of Krishana." After a pause she started, " It's not always true that only the creatures learn, God too. That's why Lord Jagannath returns to his birthplace Gundicha temple, and on the way meets his old aunty, every year. Nature won't allow the God too to break its law".

I saw my mom, I rediscovered myself and felt proud as her son. She took a flower from our prayer room and kept it my shirt pocket. I hugged her as usual but don't know how I felt more confident. She planted a kiss on my forehead and told looking at the sky, "Make his journey safe, fulfill all his dreams". I came out. 


Arc Lamp said...

Wonderful.. master piece