Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Kid

Prologue: I know a kid; did I say the best kid? She has a frontal lobe with multi barrel question-gun to shoot at anything possible under the sunlight, moon light too. The one thing she does not question is when I hand her over a piece of my writing. She keeps her gun for a rest and giggles like a lily swinging on water and asks, ‘when I ll be a writer?’ When I draw her near to plant a kiss on her forehead, she searches for her diary milk in my pocket and waits for none to run.  
I forgot her birthday last month and typed this crap to get escape from the gun. Here it goes…

I literally don’t know what to wish for the best kid on earth. This is happening for the fist time when I am confused and feeling like everything is falling short while making a wish. When I thought of calling her just after the clock announced 12.00 am, I was set aback with a strange thought, what am I doing, do I need to call my own kid who is now a part of myself? I rest the phone but another thought knocked the door saying you might be waiting for my wish.
I closed my eyes and my hands came to take a nap on my chest while wishing for all the happiness, success, love and joy I could ever wish for the one I love the most. I felt like hugging her and adoring...holding the sweet face and kissing forehead with all the joy...sewing my fingers with her hair and looking at the one I was destined to look for.
I could not ask for more but a hug, I could not ask for less but a smile, I could not ask for gold but purity, I could not ask for diamond but a clean heart, I could ask for anything but to be with her. I heard some one whispering beneath my chest ribs...”I am here ‘happy’ (oh! Did I mention that she calls me happy!), just tell me when I will be a writer”. I was brought back and smiled wishing this wish to come true. I heard a giggling sound from within which says, "I won’t leave you 'happy' and when I will be a big biiiiggg writer, I will search for my diary milk in your pocket and will disturb you in between too."  I thought for a moment about a life without getting disturbed from the people you care for? I simply smile and searched my pocket for diary milk. No, I did not get one, hope you have already taken.
I came out of the room and just looked at the sky....filled with countless stars. I wanted to pluck a star for a star. I moved my hand for the brightest one, then the nearby told, “what’s my fault happy why don’t you pluck me?” The others joined with and echoed like a chorus, "why not me....why not me?" I was about to think something when the silly curved 10th day moon asked, "You compared the kids smile with me, then why are you not gifting me?" I was gathering all the thoughts while my heart asked the sky, "Can I lend all the sky with cute little stars and the curved moon for my kid?" The sky smiled with joy and asked the cold breeze to convey the consent. I wrap the sky in my glove and kept in the chest pocket as my kid’s gift.
I returned to room at about 12.30 am and lay on the bed to gather all what I wished for. I closed my eyes to see all I got for my kid. I saw a lots of fans following a writer named 'a stubborn kid', saw a kid swimming in a pool of liquid chocolate, saw an angel doing make up to a kid with all the stars from a basket and kept the moon like a crown. I saw a wishful happy hugging and kissing a sweet kid...and then the alarm buzzed in my cell phone. Oh no, its morning 6.00am now and I have not talked with my kid. I picked up the phone and dialed her number saved as sweet-kid, but could not connect. I was so dumb that I could not got the point why God is not allowing me....I sent an SMS saying Happy Birthday. Can you imagine someone wishing his dearest one with a life less SMS!!! But I blundered.
I then sat for a while and remembered what and all I wished for my kid in the night. I recalled all the moments spent with the kid.....eeerrrr my kid. I don’t know how but my chest expanded....may be the heart inside is happy. An SMS delivery report on the mobile screen flashed making me die in deep shame as what a silly thing I sent. I certainly wish that my kid will blast me for this and for not wishing her in the mid night.
I started writing this crap after washing my face. It’s the joy for my QWERTY phone key to convey the love to the kid. I was in no mood to think what I am writing as all has been typed in heart before the mobile screen could flash it on.
Another SMS sound beeped at 6.45am. Yes the screen flashed, "A new message from sweet-kid". I was pretty sure that I am going to read the err and anguish of the kid. But to my surprise the SMS reads, "Thanks for the sweet wish". I certainly thought my kid got grown up or she is so angry that she is talking like a stranger. Before my frontal lobe could think of an answer, my heart blasted on me saying, "You dumb, the kid is angry".
Then what kind of a reply I was wishing to read? It’s obvious, I wanted to be scolded and asked for a bucket full of chocolate and a sweet hug as punishment. I stopped typing and went to take bath. I prayed before God for all the wishes to come true. I started to catch the train to go to office though my heart is moving opposite towards meeting its kid. After entering the station, I opened the draft mail.
When I was typing I heard a tone similar to my kid. I raised my head to follow the sound. A cute baby was playing with her mother’s necklace and shouting at the language which a mother can understand. I saw the kid and smiled, the kid instantly returned a smile at me. I got the answer why my sweet-kid sent the unusual thanks SMS to me. Someone whispered within saying, “Kids are like a mirror, whatever you do, they will imitate". I wished my kid in a silly way and was returned equally.
I saw the baby in the train moving its hand to a nearby passenger, holding his hand making a hi-five. I wish I were that passenger to hold the hand to convey the love to my kid through this baby......but it did not happen...when I moved forward, the train stopped, the baby and the family got down at the station.
I got a seat to sit. I closed my eyes to open to the truth. I don’t think I need this day as a special day to wish her, when I am wishing for the sky everyday, I don’t need the calendar to announce today as her birthday to love her more when she has all the share of 365 or 366 days, I don’t need the yummy cake to make my mouth watery to say her all the best for her dreams when there is no dream in my eyes except those borrowed from hers. I just don’t need anything but to say, "I will be there with you always, as always I was and I am".
I logged in my office system but could not sit for long. I thought of calling her while sitting in the cafeteria. I am connecting and disconnecting for several times as I could not gather enough courage to tell lie about all bla bla bla for not calling u last night. I asked my heart to stand beside me but it threw a dirty look saying, “I won’t cheat my kid like you are going to”. I asked brain to support, but to my surprise it says, “I am not comfortable with telling lies to a kid”. What a hell, no one is there at me to shoulder. Then from some corner of my heart the sweet kid pops up and said, "Don’t worry. I will call you 'happy' and ask you to wish me".
I waited for the reverse to happen on my kid's birthday. I was wishing the kid to call and yell at me saying, “Why don’t you call? You are very bad. You don’t love me anymore. I won’t talk to you...(after a pause)...wish me na happy".
My phone rang and needless to say, it flashed as “Sweet kid calling”. I pressed the accept button and heard my kid saying, "wish me na 'happy', I am waiting for your wish". As I started to utter, my heart pushed me back, like a policeman pushes a crowd, and said, "Happy Birthday Kid". But till today I have no clue how she got to know that I wanted her to call.