Sunday, May 30, 2010

Devil vs. Kid: Fear

Devil vs. Kid: Fear, is a part of the series, Devil vs. Kid which discusses about various topics such as, Self Identification, Life, Fear, Hell and Heaven, Change and Stars etc. Please read the introduction first, before moving further.


Kid: Don’t u afraid of Kid?
Devil: this is a contrasting sentence.....’Afraid’ and ‘Kid’ don’t go along.

Kid:  Why I am afraid? Fear creates a huge space in my subconscious mind........  My mind is not free
Devil: fear is the outcome of unpreparedness. Just rethink. You are not prepared for something. That’s why you are feeling the fear. Remember destiny favors the prepared.

Kid: I am tired of being preparedness.....waiting for the destiny to play a role....want to behave like a fool....tired of being a smart Kid always.
Devil: its other side of smartness to be being fool......only prepared spirit with a smart mind can accept all happenings as a fool...... foolishness is not the state of being in ignorance.....its the way of allowing the heart to rule the mind without reasoning.....its only possible if u r prepared.

Kid: smart answer   for inspiring a Kid who wants to be fool.
Devil: smart answers are always possible who is always prepared to be questioned ....who is always prepared to be extracted....always prepared to accept a fool...  a fool can answer smart.

Kid: everything seems to be dull, except the question which is there in my mind,   interesting question caged my whole night, waiting for an angel to come and answer my question
Devil: this is a good sign.... when all seems dull it means....your mind is faster than the current happenings.

Kid: Oops this time my angel lost her wings.
Devil: angles fly as the beloved looks at......God helps...the way the people ask if angels lost her wings....its up to U how u r making her to fly.

Kid:  I asked her to smile, to fly.....But she is busy in making others smile
Devil:  wow! This is a gr8 time to understand and estimate your faith on your angel.

Kid: There is no estimation between me and my angel
Devil: if u believe that your angel really care for u ....then u should pray that angel should succeed in her duty to make others have to realize that if my angel is trying to make others smile means....other need more than you need you angel....others are in more pathetic than you..

Kid: I know that even I used to do that but......I am habituated.....everyday I used to play with my angel.....suddenly she went......the feeling of jealous hold me tightly.....  Unable to conquer the feeling of jealous
Devil: Jealousy sometimes good.....  Let’s think other wise.

Kid: I never believe in otherwise, anyways sometimes I am Happy also experiencing all shades of emotions in my life
Devil: if you think that your angel is caring more about others then you must understand that’s others need comes jealousy.....all evil words and acts always have hidden beauty.....general aspect is being jealous on others that angel is spending more time with them and being disturbed....but the beautiful state of mind is to try to solve others problems that they wont need your angel.....its the positive root to make good to others ...... here jealousy can play the "otherwise"....which u don’t like as said earlier.....but its worth an insight

Kid: You heard a sound.....sound of bell.....right now my angel got her wings back........she is on the way to meet me.
Devil: That’s the spirit......when you believe that your angel has wings that means you are sure you’re your problems have solutions, when you believe that there is a solution......then it’s impossible that u can’t get the solution

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