Sunday, May 30, 2010

Devil vs. Kid: Self Identification

Devil vs. Kid: Life, is a part of the series,  Devil vs. Kid which discusses about various topics such as, Self Identification, Life, Fear, Hell and Heaven, Change and Stars etc. Please read the introduction first, before moving further.


Kid: Who are you?
Devil: A Devil.

Kid: No no….don’t cheat. You are a bundle of answers named Happy.
Devil: Ok, I am a Happy

Kid: Then now tell, what makes you Happy?
Devil: It’s like a Paper make a pen to be a pen for which it is meant for....and in the same way...Only sweet Kids make some Devil as Happy.

Kid: Don’t you have your own identification? How can you allow someone to make you Happy?
Devil: Identity is required when someone wants to know you.....For own self; I don’t think there is a need.

Kid: Self-identification is not a need or a want....It’s a desire to know yourself what you are.
Devil: A person (let’s take a male) lives on as a son, a brother, a lover, a husband, a fathers, a student, a teacher, as an employee or as an employer...... Tell me someone who lives as himself without these identities.......God is also savior, as listener of Devotees, as creator, as destroyer, as God.......its all relative identities....what is absolute identity....what is the self identity.......there may be...May be U know....May be I am not brave till now to know about the fact “who I am in absolute sense”.

Kid: Self-identity is the mirror image of your principles or you can say your alter-ego of your value system.........Don’t you have any principles in your life? Don’t you have your own value system?....Its quite easy to erase the reality behind every practicality.....You can share your self-identity as a cowardice....Who you are in absolute sense does not want you to answer as a brave one......There is no expectation from the answer given by a cowardice but sometimes there answer germinate a new question which is quite meaningful…
Devil: value system always derived when someone is around you to see....when you have fear to do or not to do......when all these are around you...then everything is relative....identity too... so as my identity....a relative one

Kid: look just now a brave mind came and confuse me!!!!
Devil: confusion is’s a contradiction to something you believe on.... it’s not absolute.

Kid: what is the difference between relative and absolute?
Devil: ‘You’ with ‘world’ are relative....Only ‘you’ is absolute.

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