Sunday, May 30, 2010

Devil vs. Kid: Life

Devil vs. Kid: Life, is a part of the series,  Devil vs. Kid which discusses about various topics such as, Self Identification, Life, Fear, Hell and Heaven, Change and Stars etc. Please read the introduction first, before moving further.

Kid: Sometimes in life some person play a major role in our life, sometimes in life same person don’t have time to play a minor role in our life. Why it is so?
Devil: life itself is a play. its not that someone is playing a major or minor role....its the fact to understand that your life deserves someone more at sometimes and someone less at other times.....its life, and it will be the way... so don’t think some one is playing a role in our life instead think our life has little or more role for someone to play.

Kid: I like it.
Devil: You like it because.....You knew the fact and it’s my sentence which made u remember that you knew this.

Kid: Is life is very beautiful?
Devil:  Everyday is special. This moment will never come again into life, that’s the beauty of life....every moment is new and teaches how to live on that, I made up the decision, it fits so well in describing an extremely interesting phenomenon that many people may not realize…each of us is really two people, I mean we are literally two thinking beings residing in the same body.

Kid: why we are getting contradicting thoughts? Let me organize my contradicting thoughts in my life?
Devil: That’s the toughest job of a life time to organize the contrasting thoughts ...... the basic problem is in the thought...Organizing is making all in one format or other, and contrasting is to deviate from the order....How to hold the two contradicting thoughts in our life.

Kid: Let me hold one character in my mind and play a live practical role,   another character will be hold by my pen where the words play an imaginative role, I will write one of my contrasting characters in my diary.  what is the main hindrance while holding value system?
Devil: value system will always dominate our thinking....Its always one...It will support one personality type....when U will contrast then U have to defy your value system....its difficult but anyone can do that.

Kid: what is the difference between value system and thinking?
Devil: There is no comparison….. Value system is a scale with which U will judge your thinking whether its good to act upon or not

Kid: what is the comparison between compromise and adjustment?
Devil: Compromise is more permanent than adjustment......In compromise you have to leverage on your values by sacrificing some but in adjustment you have to make a temporary state where you don’t have to sacrifice your just have to make a temporary pause on your value system to interfere....your value system is still intact and after the situation passes your value system will play its tune....but in case of compromise....once you  are into it....your value system has changed to another level.....there are certain things which you cant make....if you make it then the divine will go away.....the meaning will change.

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