Thursday, July 1, 2010


I talk with her about religion, god, faith and anything under the sun. Sometimes I win in telling something new. But I don't know how she becomes happier in losing and steals my joy of winning.

Have you ever talked with a woman from India ? All are like this. Stealing the joy of winning while losing is their specialty, in other words their only hope of being happy. Getting a false consolation of having everything in empty hand has given them the courage and strength to hold all the pain with a shy smile. 

I have no idea  how a woman manage to be played and let herself lose from their near ones. I have no idea how they smile with joy by looking others winning. I have no idea why they play to lose to see you wing. I have no idea why they are like they are. But I know when anyone in this world wins, a  woman smiles and thanks the almighty with her heart out.