Wednesday, January 25, 2012

…waiting of Kurukshetra

I am Kurukshetra, the battle ground. I have seen 16 days of great war, the Mahabharat, the war of honour. But today is different, though I have no personal agenda, still I prefer to pause for a moment for someone who made me proud dying here.

…17th day over. Kurukshetra battleground is mourning on the demise of the great Karna. Mourning is not for the sake of his demise, these kind of warriors are born to honour the death, the mourn is for the reason that the great warrior could not get his due identity and the honour in his lifetime he deserves.

His mother, Kunti, could not dare to cut the rope of societal prestige, and his father, the Sun, could not find time from his busy schedule of charioting the galaxy to make others alive. Whom do I ask, if there is one who is guilty in the birth of Karna, then who he/she is? I am sure, Karna himself is not guilty. But through out his life he got punished for the sin he has never committed. Being the son of a charioteer (low cast) is not an act of shame. But if he was born in the low cast and got recognized as a Kshatriya (higher cast), then it would have been an insult to his mother…because, a mother has no cast…she is for sure far above it.

Hey Sun God, your son will be a question for the societies in the future. as when someone has no control over his/her birth, then why he/she get the punishment for that. But I am sure…in certain point of time, in a different identity, in a different era….you and Knunti have to take the brave step…you both have to stop the way you have abandoned Karna in Dwapar yuga…I, the poor battle ground Kurukshetra is waiting for that day.