Friday, March 8, 2013

Women's Day: idiot Goddess !!!

Wow, it’s your day women...I know you are smiling at the foolish attempt by the world to grant a special day to appreciate your contribution. You know that there won’t be a day to cherish without your help; still you allow the world to pat its own back labeling itself as a caretaker of the women. I know you won’t advertise your superiority; you won’t let the world go to hell despite being molested psychologically, mentally or the worst physically. You are literally an idiot, who only knows how to give and give more forgetting the other part of the balance, to take.
You can do almost everything you dream to, still you nourish others’ to fulfill. You wear high heels, yet don’t loose ground. You are tough as mother earth, yet mellow to see the world smile. You can face all adversity and still walk tall. You are strong, beautiful, and compassionate and much more than the world has ever seen. You can swim across the Mariana trench, climb the Everest as easily as the kitchen steps, still you chose to give us a chance to boast our ego. What material you are made of!!!  

You constitute half the population, work for two third of all working hours, paid one tenth, but still happy to serve. Are you completely out of your mind!!! You have got everything to take the world to your side; still you make us feel superior. You have surely mastered in the art of winning through defeat. You are idiotically unbelievable!!!
You can easily surpass, lead and master as a professional. Still you choose to leave all for being a housewife, wash the utensils and choose to be in pain for being a mother. You cook heart, serve love, and become the happiest to see us licking the fingers forgetting to keep a little for you. You allow us to label you as an idiot, still never ask us to think for a while that if being a mother is idiotic, the God almighty would get the 1st prize for that. You are insanely generous!!!
The world is feeling proud with its progress in science and technology. It made a step closer to find how a life is created out of nothing with the discovery of the God particle; a long journey of thousands of years to come a bit nearer to unravel the origin of life. On the other side, you create a life in the labor room and shed a smile to our ignorance. You are idiotically genius!!!

God is always on ears to grant you whatever you wish, yet you always pray for a husband  who treats you as his property, for a son/daughter who takes you for granted, a family that treats you as a burden to shed off...How can you really do all this!!! For me, you are idiotically mysterious, as sweet inside as out, but not made of candy.

You were there as a mother when we born, pampered and cared for us as a sister, always there for help in school as a teacher, played to let us win as a friend, offered a shoulder to cry as a beloved, walked with compassion as a life partner, melt us off as a daughter, and hope you will absorb without fail as a motherland when we die. You are what you are...idiot, Goddess!!!