Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dear Nirbhaya, you were just a toy with blood and flesh

[“In its first verdict in the Nirbhaya case, a Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) on Saturday (31st August, 
2013) held that the minor accused was 'involved' in the gang rape and murder of the paramedical 23-year-old student and sent him to three years in a 'place of safety' at a reformatory home.” The following lines are just to fill the page.]

2013, the last day of the month of August, the same month when mother India got rid of shackles from mighty British rule, and the same month that led her to rethink about her own safety from the emerging juvenile sex players. Dear August, you have the guts to bear the judgement at your last day. I am sure, you must be rushing…but surely failed to judge the speed of our Judiciary System.

Oh yes, he was just a juvenile while he committed the bad act (no…no…It’s not a crime). How can a juvenile do a crime like rape? You insane idiot women of India, go and find the definition, a juvenile is an individual organism that has not yet reached its adult form, sexual maturity or size. He had not reached adulthood, that’s why all other adults gave him the first chance to play; he was sexually immature, that’s why he had opted for unnatural way; and to compensate the size, he simply had used the iron rod. See our justice system is simply going by the definition, word by word. That’s it…. don’t do a drama, you helpless women.

Below the age of 18, rape is not the act of forceful sex; it’s just a way of discovering the latent manhood within. It’s just a play where the plastic doll is simply replaced with the one with flesh and blood. He was just playing….a bit hard on the toy called an adult woman. Have you seen any kid playing with a toy? What does he do when the doll failed to amuse the kid? The kid either throws it away or goes for a better one. In this case, the kid was a little (actually very little) violent, he tore the doll apart, gave it to others to play, inserted an iron rod to make it work. And I am sure, with the experience in hand; he will find a better one in future. The rest of the so called dolls of India, get ready to be played… As I wrote earlier, the juvenile accused was simply discovering the manhood within, with the help of few adults as examiners, while playing the new sex game with the poor girl. What is his fault by the way? That’s it. You sadist citizens, instead of being happy on a child’s play, you are creating ruckus, you all must face the charge of strict Indian Penal Code (IPC).   

My dear JJB (Juvenile Justice Board) and fellow citizens, please provide him a better looking toy in the correction home. And my dear women citizens of Republic of India get mentally prepared for this…as you are simply a toy in the eyes of our legal system. Think twice before planting a kiss on the forehead of a kid, seal your lips before smiling at a minor…..or you may curse yourself as usual for being born here which no one listens but you. Don’t even dare to think of suicide, it’s a crime under IPC.

I am happy that Nirbhaya is long dead before witnessing the verdict. What would we say to her? Dear Nirbhay, we have sentenced the juvenile the maximum punishment of three years for mishandling the doll and playing unfair with you. Be happy and feel proud that it’s you for whom the maximum sentence is penned. I know, she must be crying out there looking at our indifference and laziness; the indifference towards the cruelty and the laziness to shout at the verdict on a Sunday. Don’t worry; we will do the protest on a working day just to get rid of our daily routine. It’s a healthy time pass to shout slogans on law against sexual violence, a hot coffee table gossip, a relieving status update on face book, a perfect dinner time news watch…and a selfish kiss on the women we love by saying, be safe. Sorry Nirbhaya, we are a spineless generation unlike you think of us. Please don’t dream to take rebirth here. If you still think so, we are not responsible for your consequence.

As the anger is typed, let’s think why the laws are made? What should we follow, the intent of the Law or the letter of the law? I hope the judiciary system is established to implement the intent of the law, taking the rule book as a guideline and not simply adhering to the black and white letter of the law.  Whenever a society follows the letter of the law blindly bypassing the principal intent or motive behind, it turns bureaucratic, and goes to the dogs. We, in India follow the letter of the law, what is written, keeping a blind eye on the motive. I think there lies the root of the problem. That’s why after 66 years of independence, we have led the extra food grains to rot in the warehouse while thousands die in hunger. It’s the time to introspect. To think about our fundamentals, to ponder on the question, ‘what’s gone wrong?’ I hope nobody is listening.