Sunday, July 24, 2011

Work in progress

We mostly live life on the path 'destiny' set for us,
too afraid to explore any other,
but once in a while 'the one' comes along,
who knock down all the obstacles destiny puts on the way as planned,
to realize  free will is a gift
one will never know how to use
until one fights for it.


I think that's the ultimate plan of the almighty... see more people defy the destiny see more people fight for it see more people write it for their own


May be one day, we wont to walk on the path laid by destiny,
but on the one which is always 'work in progress'.

The whole universe is transforming towards the day,
when 'we' will stand near the writer's table and say...

"Will you hand it over to me, I want to write my own destiny?"


Unknown said...

It is like a Preface of a big Article..
Where is the Article?