Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Friendship Day

Hello Buddy ?

It's been more than years and we are more like enemies than friends !!!And the irony is, you are my lucky star all the way along. It’s not a different Sunday today but a day to recall all the sweet n sour moments with a glimpse of half moon on your lips....are you smiling ??? (Kamine nahin hasa to tera khoon pi jaunga)

I still remember you being philosophical on stupid topics,

Of being quite and talking the most,

Of headaches and hand aches  of loosing and smiling together,

Of winning and shaking heart to heart,

Of being teasing each other,

Of telling lies on each others and smiling together,

Of getting fear and saying …cool, dude,

Of watching late night movies (which movies U  know better) and telling white lies to parents,

Of proposing the same and being enemies,

Of getting rejected and crying together,

Of going to unknown parties to eat free and getting caught,

Of ignoring each other and caring,

Of agreeing and disagreeing,

Of talking all unparliamentary words and listening carefully,

Of fighting till blood and searching for band-aid,

Of being accused of useless from parents and smiling at each other,

Of listening and forgetting,

Of crying to see at sickness …. to fight with doctor,

Of forgetting B'day and asking for parties,

Of applying cake as facial and eating that,

Of scolding each other and smiling,

Of sharing the ladoos from aunty,

Of writing each other’s love letters,

Of forwarding SMS and calling to ask...Got it ?

Of copying each others project and swearing on God...'Its genuine'

Of copying paper in Exam and smiling with pride,

Of searching job together and telling....'interviewer was dumb'

Of getting job and partying late night

Of telling 'my boss knows nothing'

Of till date challenging the sentence "CHANGE IS CONSTANT"....cos getting a friend like you times the ever true ‘Change’ is helpless at this divinity.....

Happy Friendship Day



Sakti…a devil by choice !