Thursday, April 23, 2015

I pray God to repeat it again

The alarm disturbs
I wake up
She pushes me for taking bath
Forces me for breakfast, chawanprash, milk and a long menu
Clock approaches 9
She gives me wallet, watch, spectacles, sprout box and bike key
Wishes me all the best for office
Waves a lovely good bye
Reminds me for helmet
Looks at my exit from the balcony.
Opens the door before I ring the bell
Makes me wash my hands
Serves lunch
I sense her happiness in her to-n-fro from kitchen
I sense her happiness in her drops of sweat on forehead
Makes me eat some extra
Eats at the same plate…idiot
Serves me glucose
Makes me pray and bow at Gods
Googles for snacks dish and put her heart on cooking
Asks me in child like innocence, "Is it ok at least"?
I fake anger
She accepts, and I sense her love in it
Scolds my serials for spoiling my studies
Bakes roti (bread)
Makes me eat early
Forces me to drink the ill smelling milk…yuk
Orders me-don’t stick to the computer
Cleans the kitchen
Makes sure the home is locked
Loves me
and I thank God for the wonderful today, and pray to repeat it again
She is, who she is – the better half


Unknown said...

While U Pray every night,I simply watch and think "What he is saying to God from so long time!!",still never asked U. But today I got my answer :-)

satya said...


Unknown said...

Sweetly described daily routine
Terrific couple