Saturday, July 18, 2015

Nabakalebara-Eid-Rathajatra: A divine intervention

June 18, 2015, 'Nabakalebara-Rathajatra-Eid' on one day: Is it just a coincidence, or a wake up call for the ignorant we. You decide, who am I ?

We, the arrogant so called knowledgeable people debarred 'Salabega'' in the past to meet Jagannath, he came out and and made everything stand still for the devotee without cast/race. The outcome - "We learnt Nothing"

Its still the same and we still restrict the almighty and argue to put him in the Hindu clad and insult his very name 'Jagata ra Natha (God of the World) - Jagannath'. We are testing his patience or the almighty has still faith on his beautiful (?) creation - only he knows, who am I ?

Nabakalebara - The almighty is willingly waking us up to see the reality, the truth, - nothing is constant. Everything has an end, but the Brahma (divine soul). Soul, that neither starts nor ends, neither a Hindu nor a Muslim or anything...what we are learning?- You better know, who am I ?

Eid: An occasions for showing gratitude to God and remembering Him after month long daytime fast. What we are doing, you better know, who am I?

Rathajatra - The very meaning (as I think) is the irresistible force of the almighty that crushes all ignorance on the way to make us reach the final destination. What we are doing, you better know, who am I?

Still, he has not lost his faith on us, and meticulously arranged the planetary motion to make us realize God is one. Nabakalebara-Eid-Rathajatra are the same with varied interpretation and its time to know the truth and embrace all. Is it a deliberate attempt to send us one more symbol, he only knows, who am I?

Dear almighty Jagannath, Wish you a very Happy Eid.

Note: Nabakalebara is a Hindu ritual performed at Jagannath temple, Odisha, India that symbolizes life is a circle of event, death is inevitable if there is life and vice-versa.